Sunday, February 17, 2013

Simply poetic

Bell Jar Terrariums
World unto itself
Basking, locked in time, in space,
A wondrous microcosm

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

List poem: The apartment rainbow

Prompted by "Catalog Poems" in L.L. Barkat's Inspired: 8 ways to write poems you can love, and inspired by the event captured in my photo below.


The apartment rainbow speaks of sun even here,
A blessing from above, the promise of an auspicious start.

The apartment rainbow can only shine through an open blind.
Its muted beauty, arrayed over brown tile, calls up gratitude.

The apartment rainbow springs fully formed from the light,
My room its tiny world, my hand spanning spectrums, expanding prospects.

The apartment rainbow touches the manifold self.
Giddy red defies me not to grin. A secret part of me resonates to violet, just visible at the edges.